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The Hobbit: Thorin Okenshield [ISTJ]

Si: Thorin’s hatred of the elves stems from a previous negative encounter and longstanding tradition of resentment between the two races. Thorin is very tied to the past, in his desire to reclaim his former home, in his views on other races, and in his battle tactics. He is practical, rational, and believes what he has seen and remembers, which means he’s wrong about the white orc’s demise.

Te: He’s a natural born leader. He considers the facts first and is totally comfortable with leading his small band of dwarves. He easily puts them in their place and is quick to organize them for success. He considers the consequences of their actions when dealing with Bilbo, which influences his opinion of the hobbit (Thorin believes he will get hurt or lost, or abandon them, because he is afraid). Thorin can be brutal in his assessment of others.

Fi: He considers information and weighs it against his personal values, which sometimes contradict the desired behavior that others want from him. He lives according to his own principles, no one else’s. He decides what is worth fighting for and goes after it with passion. Thorin keeps his dislike of the elves and has no interest in changing that, even if it isn’t beneficial in the long run. 

Ne: He has a greater vision for his people that forces him into action. It begins with his desire to reclaim their home and continues into his greater understanding of others as the journey continues (and his changed opinion of Bilbo).

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